Alberta Rules of Court Amendment Regulation - 2012

The Alberta Rules of Court Amendment Regulation (AR 122/2012) has been made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, effective July 12, 2012. The Regulation can be viewed online at:

Included are amendments to rules 15.4(1)(a), 15.4(2)(c) and 15.15(2), which postpone the coming into force of rule 4.33 [Dismissal for long delay], otherwise known as the ‘drop dead rule’, until November 1, 2013. The postponement of implementation will permit the Rules of Court Committee to complete its consultation with the public and the bar regarding the appropriateness of the current 2 year drop dead rule.

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The Rules of Court Committee has an ongoing statutory role in examining the Rules and making recommendations to the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General from time to time regarding amendments to the Rules.