Articling Program

Each year, the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta offers five articling positions in Calgary and five in Edmonton to students from any common law faculty in Canada. The Court's articling program offers a unique and valuable opportunity to acquire experience in the fullest possible range of practice areas, to observe all types of court proceedings; and to hone research, analytical, and writing skills.

Successful candidates article for ten consecutive months with the Court of Queen’s Bench, followed by a five month law firm article which the students must arrange. In Edmonton, the Court articling term starts in June. In Calgary, the start dates are staggered. For 2019-2020, there will be five positions in Calgary and five positions in Edmonton.

Articling Program Overview

View the Articling Program Brochure

What does an article with the Court of Queen's Bench offer?
Articling with the Court of Queen’s Bench provides a rare opportunity to participate in, and observe, the administration of justice in Alberta from a unique perspective. Student involvement in the process is active and direct. Students review briefs prior to hearings, and attend applications and trials (jury and non-jury). They are given the opportunity to research, write, and discuss cases with the presiding Justices as they unfold. This allows students to learn directly from the Court's Justices, something no other article in the province can offer. The articling program exposes students to many areas of the law, and virtually all aspects of the judicial process. Students at the Court are encouraged to attend as many hearings, in as many courts, as time permits.

What type of guidance is offered to articling students?
Each student at the Court of Queen’s Bench is articled to a Justice of the Court, and receives further guidance and support from an assigned Legal Counsel. Principals are carefully selected with a view to students’ interests and backgrounds. The Court's Justices and Legal Counsel are dedicated to ensuring that the students’ experience with the Court is rewarding and valuable.

How is work allocated to students?
Legal Counsel to the Court of Queen’s Bench channel work to students in accordance with their interests, and with the aim of ensuring exposure to a broad range of practice areas and as many Justices as possible. Students are valued as an important resource, and the Court's Justices and Legal Counsel take their responsibilities to students very seriously. Students’ workloads are carefully monitored to ensure that their work experience is comprehensive and useful, and that they have time to address their CPLED requirements.

What else is involved in the article besides working on assignments?
As part of articling with the Court of Queen’s Bench, students are given the opportunity to tour other facilities, including the Family, Youth, Criminal, Civil, and Traffic divisions of the Provincial Court, where they meet with Judges of the Court and attend hearings and trials. Students are also exposed to the Court of Appeal, and are encouraged to observe proceedings in that Court.

Is there an on-going educational component to the article?
In addition to a comprehensive orientation, from experienced Legal Counsel and Court librarians, on the commencement of their articles, students have the unique opportunity to attend a series of seminars, given by Justices and Masters, covering a broad range of practice areas. This opportunity to receive instruction and guidance directly from Justices and Masters, in their fields of expertise, is not available in any non-Court articling program.

What resources are available to students articling with the Court?
Students at the Court of Queen’s Bench have access to the judicial library, a comprehensive law library for the exclusive use of Justices, Legal Counsel and Court students. In addition, they have the support of the Court’s librarian and complete access to all major online legal resources.

What is an article with the Court like?
The Court of Queen’s Bench recognizes the importance of making students feel comfortable and welcome. The Court environment is highly professional, but Legal Counsel and Justices make an effort to foster collegiality. A number of less formal social events are hosted by Justices and Legal Counsel over the course of the year. All students and Legal Counsel meet regularly to review and discuss current assignments, and other matters before the Court. Justices frequently drop by the students' offices to discuss, in an informal caucus setting, particularly interesting or complex matters. Students are encouraged to discuss legal issues amongst themselves, and with Justices and Legal Counsel.

Articling with the Court is stimulating and rewarding, and provides an excellent transition from law school to practice.

Application Procedure

Qualified students from any common law faculty in Canada may apply for these positions.

Your application must include:

  1.  a cover letter;
  2. a transcript (or copy) of all post-secondary marks;
  3. a curriculum vitae;
  4. one academic reference letter which refers to your legal research and communication skills, and the names of, and contact information for, two additional referees; and
  5. an unmarked sample of your legal writing.

Reference letters can be included with the rest of the materials sent by the applicant and do not have to be sent under separate cover.

To apply in Edmonton, please send your application to:

Mr. Justice S. D. Hillier
Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta
Edmonton Law Courts
#1A Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, AB T5J 0R2

To apply in Calgary, please send your application to:

Madam Justice E.A. Hughes
Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta
Calgary Courts Centre
Suite 2401 N
601 5th St. S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2P 5P7

Please note: If you wish to be considered for positions in Edmonton and Calgary, please send separate applications. Only an original, hard-copy version of all application materials will be accepted.

All materials must be received by the Court by noon on December 1, 2017.

Contact Information

For information about the Court of Queen's Bench's articling program, please consult the articling brochure. For further information, contact Donald Netolitzky (Legal Counsel) in Edmonton, or Suzanne Vickers (Legal Counsel) in Calgary. In addition, these current Court articling students are willing to answer questions about the program:

In Edmonton, contact:
Adam Cembrowski - 780.422.0342
Lauren Chalaturnyk - 780.643.1342
Brendan Dzioba - 780.422.0273
Brooklyn LeClair - 780.415.5834
Allison Purdon - 780.422.7900

In Calgary, contact:
Komal Jatoi - 403.592.4714
Matthew Schneider - 403.297.4739
Matthew Summers - 403.297.5001
Allyson Cairns-Walji - 403.592.4715
Kris Hyslop - 403.592.4712