Welcome by the Honourable Chief Justice Mary Moreau

Chief Justice MoreauWelcome to the new website for the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta (“the Court”). I am honoured to bring this greeting on behalf of all members of the Court, who work tirelessly to facilitate access to justice within current resource constraints.

The Court is constituted by the Court of Queen’s Bench Act and conducts criminal matters, civil proceedings (including family and surrogate proceedings) and the judicial review of government and tribunal action in Alberta. The Court hears hundreds of matters each month in eleven Judicial Centres and two Circuit Points throughout Alberta. The Court is to be comprised of: a Chief Justice, an Associate Chief Justice, seventy-four Justices, a number of Supernumerary (half-time) Justices and Masters in Chambers. In addition, the Court has a number of dedicated judicial staff members comprised of: Legal Officers, Court Coordinators and Judicial and other Assistants.  

Our Court’s vision is: A leader in innovative, responsible and accessible justice. This website is one example of our approach to providing access to justice through relevant and timely information.

One of the main goals of this project was to create a user-friendly site with accessibility on any device. In preparing for the launch of this website we re-formatted, re-organized and updated existing content; removed obsolete content; and added new content, including links for referrals to other information and service providers that may be beneficial to members of the public with a legal issue, and to litigants, lawyers and staff within the justice system. New content will continue to be developed and added over the coming months. 

This website is the product of the efforts of our Queen’s Bench Justices, Masters and Judicial Staff. We trust you will find what you are looking for.