E-File Notice of Application for Publication Ban

This system has been put in place by the Provincial Court of Alberta in order to provide a means of giving notice of any application for a publication ban or an Order which would restrict the ability of the media to report on court proceedings. 

At present, this form is for use by lawyers only. By submitting the form on the next page, the user sends an e-mail message to news media editors (or their legal counsel) who subscribe to this service. The e-mail message will advise the editor of any proposed application for a discretionary publication ban or Order restricting full reporting of court proceedings.

If you are a news outlet that wishes to receive electronic notice of any court applications that will be made for any discretionary publication bans you can subscribe to the mailing list.

Please note the following:

  • This procedure is for use in the Criminal Division and the Family & Youth Division of the Provincial Court throughout Alberta.
  • This form does not constitute or substitute for the application for any publication ban; it is simply the notice that such an application will be made.
  • Please read the Practice Note Governing Notice of Application for Publication Ban issued by the Chief Judge of the Provincial Court relative to mandatory use of this form, and, notice requirements (either by use of this electronic form, or, by email or fax). If notice is required for other parties, then that notice must also be given.
  • Filing of this NOTICE does not mean any publication ban or Order will be granted; the application must be heard in court.