People Without a Lawyer

Conduct Guide for Remote Appearances

Certain court proceedings are now being conducted remotely by online video or by phone.

Below are various best practices and points of etiquette that will help ensure your participation in a remote hearing is as effective as possible.

Alternatives to Court 

It is often possible to resolve your legal problem without having to go to Court. Resolving your issues through mediation is cheaper and gives you a chance to personally or through a lawyer negotiate the final agreement.

Getting help

When you have a complicated legal problem it is best to consult with a lawyer. Only lawyers can give legal advice.

Other organizations can help with court forms, court procedure, or finding the law. Court personnel and librarians can give you information but they cannot give advice or help you make decisions about your case.

Going to Court

When you are going to court, there are some procedures and protocols that you need to follow.

How to behave in court

Different areas of law

Criminal Court

Family Court

Civil Court

Youth Court

Traffic Court


Appeals and Transcripts

Policy for Access to Court Audio Recordings

Members of the public, lawyers, litigants, accused or the media may obtain copies of court audio recordings only in accordance with the Policy for Access to Court Audio Recordings.