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Provincial Court puts focus on Indigenous Justice

Sep 29, 2022

The Provincial Court of Alberta has outlined the concrete steps it is taking to provide a culturally relevant, restorative, and holistic system of justice for Indigenous individuals that access the Court.  

At a press event on September 28, Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of Alberta Derek Redman formally announced the Court’s Indigenous Justice Strategy. 

The Indigenous Justice Strategy is the product of two years of discussions with leaders of Indigenous communities across the Province as well as with leaders of legal and service organizations that interact with those communities. 

The Indigenous Justice Strategy is intended to serve as a response to some of the pervasive issues faced by the diverse community of Indigenous individuals who access the Court.  It represents a preliminary step on the part of the Court as it continues to fulfill its ongoing obligation to listen and engage in collaborative dialogue with Indigenous communities so as to better understand their distinct priorities. 

More information about the Indigenous Justice Strategy is at