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Webex Disclaimer: General Prohibition on Recording, Livestreaming or Broadcasting

May 1, 2023

Effective Monday, May 1, 2023, anyone attending court proceedings virtually will be required to agree to a disclaimer in order to access the courtroom via the Webex link.  This includes counsel, parties, media and observers. 

This disclaimer reminds attendees that general recording, livestreaming, or broadcasting the video or audio of any hearing is strictly prohibited.  Members of the public are not permitted to audio or video record, photograph or screenshot any portion of a proceeding.  The disclaimer further indicates that the Alberta Courts’ Media Accreditation Polices, Use of Electronic Devices Polices and Court-Issued Directives related to online hearings apply.  In the Alberta Court of Justice, links to the applicable polices are as follows:

The disclaimer requires that the individual seeking to access the Webex courtroom undertake to abide by the terms of the Policies, publication bans, and other Court orders or Practice Directions.  A failure to comply with this undertaking, the Policies or Court orders may result in sanctions, including the initiation of contempt of court proceedings.