Rules of Court Committee

The Rules of Court Committee is established under section 28.2 of the Judicature Act to make recommendations to the Minister of Justice regarding amendments to the Alberta Rules of Court made under the Judicature Act, or any other act.

The Rules of Court Committee consists of six members: the Chief Justice of Alberta (or designate), the Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench (or designate), the Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of Alberta (or designate), two members appointed by the Minister of Justice on recommendation of the Law Society of Alberta, and one member appointed by the Minister of Justice.

The current members of the Rules of Court Committee are:

  • Honourable Justice F.F. Slatter, Court of Appeal (Chair)
  • Honourable Justice R.A. Graesser, Court of Queen’s Bench
  • Honourable Judge K. Haymour, Provincial Court
  • Timothy Hurlburt, Q.C., Alberta Justice

The current Secretary to the Committee is Barb Turner, Q.C., Alberta Justice.