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Request for Comments 2018-1

Corporate Self-Representation

The Rules of Court Committee has become aware of recent developments in the ability of corporations to be self-represented in court. This occurs when a corporation engages in litigation unrepresented by a member of the Bar, generally by having one of its officers or directors represent it. After an examination of the applicable statutes, rules and recent case law, the Committee is considering recommending amendments to the applicable rule.

The Rules of Court Committee is now requesting comments on R. 2.23 which deals with representation in court without the assistance of a lawyer. Submissions are requested by November 30, 2018, and should be sent to:, or Barb Turner, Q.C., Secretary, Rules of Court Committee, John E. Brownlee Building, 9th Floor, 10365 – 97 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 3W7. Comment is invited on any aspect of the rule, although the following discussion document is intended to highlight the issues identified to date.